Dr. Raymond Mugwanya

Role in Project: 
Supervisor and Software Center Management
Affiliation/Contact : 
Makerere University

Dr. Raymond Mugwanya received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town under the supervision of Prof. Gary Marsden (University of Cape Town, SA) and Prof.John Traxler (University of Wolverhampton, UK). Raymond also holds a MSc. Computing from the University of Liverpool and a Bachelor of Statistics from Makerere University. Raymond has 10+ years of experience in a broad range of fields namely: data processing, Telecommunications, research and academia where he has held the positions of Senior Research Fellow & Programme Lead, Information Economy at the African Center of Technology Studies, Deputy Chair and Chair for the department of Information Technology at Makerere University. Raymond has mentored over 100 undergraduate and graduate students in the area of Information Technology; published parts of his research in internationally recognized conferences and Journals; and has been involved in policy advancement and quality assurance within higher education and research realms.

Raymond’s research interests are in user experience design, educational technologies and computing for development. Raymond’s research is driven by a strong desire to bridge the digital divide and make computing useful to the considerable fraction of the world’s population that lives in under-developed areas with very limited resources. Conventional computing solutions are often inappropriate in emerging contexts due to various contextual factors
including lack of infrastructure, poor connectivity, limited power, language and literacy issues, and lack of local expertise for managing systems. Raymond’s research philosophy places a strong emphasis on “user centered design” solutions for developmental problems. More recently, Raymond is keen on how data that is being generated by the proliferation of computing devices can be harnessed for social economic development in Africa.