Dr. John Businge

Role in Project: 
Supervisor and MUST Coordination
Affiliation/Contact : 
Mbarara University of Science and Technology
John is the Head of Department Computer Engineering at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. John obtained his PhD in Computing Science from Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands and a masters in computing science from University of Groningen, the Netherlands. John is also a Fulbright research scholar at University of California, Davis, in the USA, from February – July 2016.

John’s research interests are based on evolution of software ecosystems. Software ecosystems typically consist of a company providing a software application framework and a community of external developers/users providing functionality that extends the basic platform. The users either actively or passively contribute knowledge, content, goods and services, connections or behavior to the community or, consequently, extending the framework. External developers/users can materially extend the initial application to better serve specialized needs of small customer segments or even, in the case of enterprise customers, individual users. In the past few years, John extensively researched on the Eclipse software ecosystem where he made numerous contributions in top software Engineering conferences and journals. Based on his previous expertise, John is currently researching on the Android software ecosystem. John is currently mining Android Apps data on Github. Github is a popular Open-Source software repository with hundreds of thousands of software projects. John’s main research goal is to identify why some Apps are continuously being maintained while others start and eventually die out. With respect to the Android apps on Github. John is also mining Apps’ data from the market-place like Google play and Amazon play Store. John is also mining Apps’ data from Travis CI, a cloud based, distributed and continuous integration service used to build and test software projects hosted on Github. All Apps data mined from the different sources will be modelled using statistical machinery to identify the major factors that attribute to Apps success both on Github and the market place. John is also a reviewer of the Science of Computer Programming journal.

Besides Software Engineering research, I am also interested in ICT4D. John is very enthusiastic about the use of software engineering in development aspects to improve people's lives in developing countries.